13th Nov - 25th Jan 2015

'Pink’ - Earrings' in Thermochromic Resin, dyed aluminium, brass and silver
'Pink’ - earrings in Thermochromic Resin, dyed aluminium, brass and silver
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Beth Spowart is a contemporary jewellery designer and maker whose work is innovative, interactive and individual. Using smart materials and their colour changing capabilities, she has pushed the boundaries within jewellery by creating striking pieces.

Her collection reflects the structures and shapes of an urban environment whilst capturing ‘the trace of time’. The concept of time and space has evolved from the jeweller’s personal reactions and experiences with light in her home and surroundings in Dundee. Using this colour changing technology and its stimulus of light (photochromic) and heat (thermochromic) she reinforces the interaction the individual has with the environment. Predominately she uses the thermochromic material in her earrings to get maximum change and interaction with the wearer through their own body heat whilst making the piece highly individual. Her use of dyed aluminium allows her to add colour and beautiful structural shapes to balance the interactivity with quality design.

Beth Spowart has produced a collection of wearable jewellery capturing an innovative, exciting experience for the wearer and most importantly creating conversational pieces.

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Move Over! Make Way! Meet the Contemporary Jewellery World’s Next Generation:
Beth Spowart, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee; Jaki Coffey, National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Karen Elizabeth Donovan, Edinburgh College of Art; Rebecca E Smith, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee; Natalie Lee, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Prudence Horrocks, Edinburgh College of Art;
Lindsay Hill, Glasgow School of Art; Georgia Rose West, Colchester School of Art and Design, University of Essex;
Rosie Deegan
, Nottingham Trent University.

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