20th July - 30th Sept 2007
'Wood You?'
Exciting new showcase of thirteen internationally
renowned jewellery artists working in wood.

'Archipelago' brooch in silver, paper, coral, wood, glass
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About Us

Ramon Puig Cuyas

The metaphor of Archipelagos suggest big spaces and geographies, big sky and deep cosmos, speaking about oceans, voyages, orientation and open horizons. Speaking about harmony between the cosmos and nature. The fragments of plastic, of glass, the pebbles founded in the beach are a whisper of the memory, of the passed times, a fragment of the unknown, that I won organize and reconstructing in a one new reality, in one image of new metaphoric world, my poetic universe. Each element of the composition must be placed in its exact relation with all the other elements, like one vision of the cosmos. But at the same time these constructions must be dynamic, expressing their multiples possibilities. Coloured wood and metal construction gives me the freedom of the spontaneous action, of spontaneous stroke. With the same technical simplicity as the Polynesian chart, I like to make my brooches like a symbolical chart. The act of creation for me means journey, discovering. The creator, the artist, is also an explorer, he knows where he comes from, but it is not possible to know where his journey is going to take him. I start to work without a previous project or plan, I draw and make schemes but when I start constructing, I like improvising.Orientation again, North, South, West, East…but with more attention, more accent to the importance of the memory. This series of brooches, like also charts, a compass, but are also reliquaries of memory. Like fragments from a travel sketchbook. Speaking about nomadism.

'Corpus architectae'
' Corpus architectae' is the pleasure of playing with levity. They are like fragments of weightless cosmic architecture which, on being worn (brought or carried), deposited on (top of) our body, subtly modify the relationships and contrasts between the form of the body and the space around it, projecting (casting, throwing) it beyond its usual limits.
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Biographical details

Artists taking part in 'Wood You?' are: Stephanie Jendis, Germany; Mette Jensen, Denmark; Marianne Schliwinski, Germany; Katy Hackney, UK; Ulrich Reithofer, Austria; Julia Harrison, USA; Yu-Chun Chen, Taiwan; Ramon Puig Cuyas, Spain; Grace Girvan, UK; Terhi Tolvanen, Finland; Beppe Kessler, Holland; Marie Uhlirova, Czech Republic; Marielle Ledoux, Uruguay.