20th July - 30th Sept 2007
'Wood You?'
Exciting new showcase of thirteen internationally
renowned jewellery artists working in wood.

Brooch in pear wood and silver leaf, modelled
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About Us

Marie Uhlirova

Marie Uhlirova creates her jewellery as if they were tiny sculptures to be looked at from different angles. The monumental and generous conception within their small dimensions does not, however, make them unwearable and every little detail on a massive bracelet or a clasp of a necklace is carefully thought out.
Like many other Czech artists, Marie Uhlirova attended the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Bmo, which was a cradle of artistic activities and developments and began to make jewellery. Her initial experiments with plastic were short-lived and she soon turned to natural materials - wood and leather - and to natural topics drawing on exotic fauna. A wavy body of a snake or a hefty figu¬re of an elephant were just a primary form to be executed in a stylised manner in a piece of wood which became an integral part of a bracelet, ring or belt.
In the collection to be shown at ‘Wood You?’ the mysterious gloss of mother-of-pearl in continuous stretches or dense mosaic-like arrangements on a wooden background gives the otherwise very sober shapes of necklaces, bracelets, hair acces¬sories and buckles a special touch. Gilded edges or hollows render this jewellery a post-modern cha¬racter, while conjuring the spirit of ancient Egypt and other old cultures at the same time.
Marie Uhlirova’s jewellery does not reflect momentary fashion and its fast transformations, but rather her attitude to life and inner soul.
(Alena Krizova)

Biographical details
Artists taking part in 'Wood You?' are: Stephanie Jendis, Germany; Mette Jensen, Denmark; Marianne Schliwinski, Germany; Katy Hackney, UK; Ulrich Reithofer, Austria; Julia Harrison, USA; Yu-Chun Chen, Taiwan; Ramon Puig Cuyas, Spain; Grace Girvan, UK; Terhi Tolvanen, Finland; Beppe Kessler, Holland; Marie Uhlirova, Czech Republic; Marielle Ledoux, Uruguay.