20th July - 30th Sept 2007
'Wood You?'
Exciting new showcase of thirteen internationally
renowned jewellery artists working in wood.

Brooches in vintage Formica, plywood, silver, steel
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About Us

Katy Hackney

There is a lack of compromise about Katy Hackney’s jewellery, her unorthodox choice of materials and the adjustment of status conspire to intrigue and challenge our preconceived notions of what is precious.Katy’s design decisions and use of alternative materials such as cellulose acetate, Formica, plywood and enamel paint are dictated by what she happens upon in junk shops and reclamation yard forays.
The discovery of an old, discarded piece of cellulose acetate or Formica now no longer produced – therefore extinct, is viewed as others would a costly jewel, squirreled away until she devises jewellery worthy of it.Tackling intricately challenging processes with skill and expertise Katy produces jewellery that appears uncomplicated and memorable. Her work evolves as she progresses ideas, taking into consideration the practicalities of material combination and manufacture solutions. She is not afraid to exploit the unfashionable, making what she admires and likes, ultimately changing attitudes and initiating desire.
(Yvonne Kulagowski)

Biographical details

Artists taking part in 'Wood You?' are: Stephanie Jendis, Germany; Mette Jensen, Denmark; Marianne Schliwinski, Germany; Katy Hackney, UK; Ulrich Reithofer, Austria; Julia Harrison, USA; Yu-Chun Chen, Taiwan; Ramon Puig Cuyas, Spain; Grace Girvan, UK; Terhi Tolvanen, Finland; Beppe Kessler, Holland; Marie Uhlirova, Czech Republic; Marielle Ledoux, Uruguay.