20th July - 30th Sept 2007
'Wood You?'
Exciting new showcase of thirteen internationally
renowned jewellery artists working in wood.

'Ups' brooch in burnt balsa wood, cotton, Swarovski crystals.
'Downs' brooch in burnt balsa wood, cotton, palladium, glass

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About Us

Beppe Kessler

‘The material is vehicle of my thoughts’
For now I don’t work often with precious metals but prefer to use materials which are less burdened with traditions of jewellery.
The material seduces and asks questions.
‘Meaning’ plays an important role, though I don’t want the pieces to be too easy to read.
Looking for an own language, I explore the limits of what can be called jewellery.

Biographical details
Artists taking part in 'Wood You?' are: Stephanie Jendis, Germany; Mette Jensen, Denmark; Marianne Schliwinski, Germany; Katy Hackney, UK; Ulrich Reithofer, Austria; Julia Harrison, USA; Yu-Chun Chen, Taiwan; Ramon Puig Cuyas, Spain; Grace Girvan, UK; Terhi Tolvanen, Finland; Beppe Kessler, Holland; Marie Uhlirova, Czech Republic; Marielle Ledoux, Uruguay.