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10th Feb - 5th May

Ruffle ribbon and glass pearl necklace

Ruffle ribbon and glass pearl necklace

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Independent designer/maker of hand made jewellery and accessories to enhance any wardrobe . . . . 
As an embroiderer I strive to achieve the unconventional, creating unusual pieces combining contemporary with traditional techniques. My use of untraditional jewellery materials such as ribbon and fabric creates a whole new jewellery concept.  Maneggi accessories concentrate predominately on embellishment whether that be the embellishment of a fabric or a jewellery piece that embellishes the body. I aim to create unusual statement pieces through the use of manipulation and origami techniques as well as embroidery and decoration.
The concept behind my art necklace range is to distort the conventional appearance of a necklace and create an entirely new shape to reside against the body, embellishing a humble outfit.

All the pieces are either one-off or limited edition to widen the appeal.

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