Alternative Wedding Show 2012
5th Feb - 2nd May

Twist ring in 18ct brushed gold set wth diamonds

Twist ring in 18ct brushed gold set wth diamonds

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Jessica Poole

Jessica Poole has dedicated the past 10 years developing her skills, training in Ireland, England and Belgium in pursuit of her passion. Leaving her native Ireland to settle in London’s East End, she has worked for many well respected names within the jewellery industry who provided the necessary confidence and experience to pursue her own business.

 At the dawn of her career, Jessica's passion for craft and design has been awarded with numerous grants and awards. She is proud to be a Queen Elizabeth Scholar due to the latest scholarship that afforded her 3months training in Micro Pave Diamond Setting in Antwerp, returning in April this year. As one of QEST’s largest benefactors in its 18 year history, the Scholarship afforded Jessica the time and money to train with a master Micro pave setter working with diamonds as small as 0.6mm and set with the aid of a microscope. In 2010 she was featured on BBC’s Woman’s Hours to discuss her scholarship and training.

Whether it be ripple in a pond or folds in fabric she is drawn to sensuous objects. Whatever the inspiration the pursuit of elegant simplicity is a constant endeavour. Subtle and sophisticated, the design is intentionally minimal ensuring that both the form and the natural beauty of the materials can be fully and equally appreciated.

 Now working from her own London workshop each piece is made by Jessica from concept to creation. Driven by quality and craft, she combines age old traditional techniques with modern technology and equipment. The result is contemporary precious jewellery executed in a considered manner.

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