Alternative Wedding Show 2011
6th Feb - 2nd May

Necklace in silver with pearl clusters

Necklace in silver with pearl clusters
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Bex Bardon

Bex Bardon launched her first jewellery range in February 2007. Since then she has taken part in various events and exhibitions, fulfilled wide-ranging commissions and expanded to offer an array of different collections.

“I don’t have a specific inspiration. Lots of things inspire me. I like quirky and irregular forms, whether organic or angular and distinctive. I concentrate quite a lot on texture, from heavily hammered pieces to imprinted designs. It’s wonderful to see contrasting textured pieces, how the light hits them and which parts appear matt or satin, but sometimes a high polish shine is enough. I’m also very interested in punk style and my collections at the moment reflect this, from chunky chains and striking pieces to more delicate work which is beautifully feminine with a punk edge.”

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