Alternative Wedding Show 2010
7th Feb - 3rd May

ring in 18ct white gold set with diamonds

Ring in 18ct white gold set with diamonds
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About Us

Sarah Stafford

Designer and maker Sarah Stafford is one of the UK's leading lights in the field of contemporary and classic bespoke jewellery.

Traditional skills and modern techniques are fused to create striking and beautiful pieces, with a strong emphasis placed on the quality of workmanship and originality of design. With a reputation for producing eye-catching items that are eminently wearable, her latest collection ventures further into the realms of exclusivity with fabulous creations in 18 ct gold and diamonds that retain her trademark qualities. Since graduating from London Guildhall University in 2000 with a 1st class honours degree in Jewellery & Silversmithing, Sarah has exhibited extensively in the UK, US, Europe and Japan. She maintains a studio in Clerkenwell and a workshop on the South Coast, and teaches jewellery making to private clients

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