Alternative Wedding Show 2010
7th Feb - 3rd May

Rings in 22ct yellow gold set with diamonds

Rings in 22ct yellow gold set with diamonds
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About Us

Alexis Dove

The precious collection consists of hand made pieces in 22ct & 18ct gold and palladium. Stacking rings feature old cut and rose cut diamonds and fancy sapphires and rubies in rose cut and cushion cut. Stones are selected individually for their colour, cut and uniqueness. This process of making all the rings entirely by hand means that no two are ever exactly the same. Customers are invited to commission rings deciding on their own stone combinations.

Earrings and pendants within the precious collection are designed to compliment the rings with the same softly beaten gold or palladium. Cinnamon diamond briolettes and petrol blue diamond beads are used to create a feminine style whilst Tahitian pearls create a soft contrast to the settings.

Biographical Details

Artists featured in 'Alternative Wedding Show 2010' are:
Alexis Dove; Malcolm Morris; Jo Hayes-Ward; Nicola Malkin; Sarah Stafford; Ruth Tomlinson; Jacks Design; Jennie Gill; Natalie Jane Harris; Mirri Damer; Michael Carberry; Kate Smith; Jean Scott-Moncrieff; Bex Bardon; Iain Henderson; Diana Porter; Poppy Dandiya; Sarah Collins; Julie Usel; Nicola Perkins; Sarah Lawrence; Phoebe Coleman; Hannah Peters; Tanja Ufer; Mikala Djorup; Shona Carnegie. Artists featured in 'Ten Tip-Top Tiaras' are: Alexis Dove; Malcolm Morris; Nicola Malkin; Bex Bardon; Sarah Lawrence; Nicola Perkins; Ruth Tomlinson; Katherine Grimes; Hannah Peters; Fiona Cameron.