Alternative Wedding Show 2009
8th Feb - 3rd May

Stephanie Moog





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Stephanie Moog

Beauty in its blossom and in its fading, light and the smell of earth, tender green shoots in the spring and the musty smell of leaves in the autumn....
l am a gardener with all my heart, and l love nature in its continuous flow of giving and taking, always ready to surprise us in every single moment.

l live in Deia, Mallorca. I am a professional landscape designer, worked in Germany, England and for eight years now in Mallorca.
I love making things out of what l find....leaves and flowers, a wing of a butterfly, feathers, a piece of old garden wire, a bit of silk from the wedding of my sister or a friend from years ago....those little treasures have their own magic which unfolds when you hold them in your hand for a little while and look at them quietly.

Kath came to Deia and saw a few of the miniature dresses l make from garden wire and those little things l find, and liked them.