Alternative Wedding Show 2009
8th Feb - 3rd May

Pearl and silver necklace and tiara by Sarah Collins
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About Us

Sarah Collins

Feather Collection
My collection is inspired by twenties style sophistication. Flirtatious feathers dance saucily above the eyes, capturing the essence of bridal beauty. Iridescent shell flowers are entwined by silver wire. Vintage swarovski crystals flaunt their twinkling light. My handcrafted ‘fascinators’ are designed to enchant. They create an elegant and stylish alternative to the more traditional tiara. Bespoke designs can be created in any colour to complement your outfit.

Apsara Collection
An elegant collection inspired by the tranquility of lotus flowers peeping out from the water.
Silver is imprinted with lace and then hand cut into delicate leaves.
Freshwater pearls or Swarovski crystals shimmer in the light.
The collection is versatile with necklaces that can also be worn as hair decorations and featuring a tiara that can then be converted into a striking torque.

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