Alternative Wedding Show 2009
8th Feb - 3rd May

'Pearl cufflinks' - oxidised silver, 18ct gold, garnets, mabe pearls
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About Us

Marianne Anderson

Ornament & Order
Inspired by the history of ornament Marianne Anderson’s jewellery presents a considered exploration of traditional ornamental forms and a refreshingly original interpretation of the decorative.

Working within a restrained palette of oxidised silver, 18ct gold, red garnets and white pearls, she creates luxurious and wearable collections that skilfully reference the human fascination with adornment.

Her arrangement of repeated parts into patterns creates symmetries and contrasts that are alluring and elegant. Pierced silhouettes are systematically arranged or scattered randomly deconstructing controlled patterns and creating bold fragmented images on an intricate scale.

“My interest is rooted in how we learn and draw from the past and return frequently to designs, motifs and patterns of historic and symbolic significance. By purposefully engaging with the past my aim is to highlight the importance of ornament in a modern context. Far from superfluous, ornament has always had its own vocabulary and meaning and I try to engage with this through my work.”

Based in Glasgow, Scotland Marianne exhibits and sells internationally.

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