Alternative Wedding Show 2009
8th Feb - 3rd May

Carved jet ring by Jacqueline Cullen set with black diamonds and Swarovski crystals
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About Us

Jacqueline Cullen


Whitby jet is a prehistoric black fossilised wood most commonly associated with Victorian mourning jewellery but now rare.

The trend for wearing jet jewellery was started by Queen Victoria in response to the death of her consort Prince Albert.

Mined during its heyday, raw samples of jet are now found washed up by the tide; or encased in the cliff face on the North Yorkshire coast.

Jacqueline Cullen has developed innovative processes and formats that celebrate rather than disguise the inherent flaws and inclusions of Whitby jet allowing the natural beauty of the material to speak for itself, removed from connotations of death, grief and morbidity.

Jacqueline Cullen is the only person working with Whitby jet in a non-traditional and design-led way and she remains committed to introducing this ancient and sensual material to a contemporary audience.

Jacqueline Cullen’s Whitby jet jewellery will be seen on evil character Narcissa in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince due to be released next summer.

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