Alternative Wedding Show 2009
8th Feb - 3rd May

'Tower' rings by Inga Reed in 18ct gold with diamonds





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Inga Reed

This is not really an artist's statement, more of a maker's statement. In fact, I must admit that I have always secretly believed my work is a form of make and do. I acknowledge it is an advanced form - given the use of gold, diamonds and the thirty years I have spent turning technique into skill - but make and do nonetheless. To help you understand, one of my earliest memories is as a three year old playing with plastic popper beads. I still remember the satisfying sound they made when clicked together, and then adjusting lengths of them for necklaces and bracelets to wear. On holiday as a nine year old girl I remember scouring the shops in small towns in West Cork for leather boot laces to suspend the dozens of cowries I had patiently drilled with a bradawl taken from my dad's tool box. I went home to Belfast festooned in shell necklaces and a faint tang of the sea. Today my workshop is filled not only with the tools of my trade but seed heads and dried leaves, the source of much of the inspiration for my work. Make and do.

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