Alternative Wedding Show 2009
8th Feb - 3rd May

Bangle by Anthony Roussel in birch plywood
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About Us

Anthony Roussel

The synthesis between drawing and architecture are the fundamental re-occurring themes in Anthony’s work. The jewellery he creates function as sculptural objects as well as wearable pieces of body adornment in their own right.
His work takes on a transient nature with delicate flowing lines that suggest the source of his inspiration. The British coastline is a key influence in the forms that Anthony designs with.
Predominately, he works with wood that is laser cut. The tactile, symbolic and inherent qualities of this material draws him closer to working with it. His designs are also combined with precious metals. With the use of wood, he questions the traditional notions of preciousness. In using new technologies as a tool, Anthony challenges existing perceptions of craft.

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