10th Feb - 4th May 2008
'Something Old Something New'
The 7th Annual Alternative Wedding and Valentine Show

'Lilies' three hats in oxidised copper by Zoe Newsome.

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About Us

Zoe Newsome

Flowers inspire me. Using wire, I draw flowers, translating them from the perishable into the permanent.

I create wearable flowers that can be displayed in a frame, a perfect environment for the flowers to be admired; yet they can still be removed and worn.

Biographical Details

Artists featured in 'Something Old, Something New' are: Natalie Jane Harris; Alexis Dove; Mirri Damer; Malcolm Morris; Zoe Newsome; Jacks Design; Beccy Gillatt; Angela Fung; Yoriko Mitsuhashi; Sarah Collins; Laura Marsden; Stephanie Moog; Min-Ji Cho; Victoria Kershaw; Hidemi Asano; Mikala Djorup; Tanja Ufer; James Newman; Ruth Tomlinson; Tina Engell; Catherine Mannheim; Sarah Lawrence; Diana Porter.