10th Feb - 4th May 2008
'Something Old Something New'
The 7th Annual Alternative Wedding and Valentine Show

21st Century Ruff’ by Laura Marsden hand-stitched lace from recycled plastic bags.

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About Us

Laura Marsden
(Recycled Textiles Designer)

Eternal Lace
Laura's unique Interior and Fashion pieces are made from Eternal Lace, a textile she developed during her studies. Eternal Lace is created by making needle-made lace using waste plastic bags instead of traditional yarns. This is then subjected to various processes. These are a secret as Laura has filed for a patent to protect the technique. She produces Interior and Fashion Accessories, and is currently sourcing second hand and vintage pieces of furniture to re-upholster in her unique textile.
Laura also creates delicate looking sculptural wall pieces, these are waterproof and supple and can be used in outside spaces as well as interiors. These pieces can be hooked together in different ways to create layered effects. Cushions are made from reused, fine and vintage fabrics and buttons combined with eternal lace. Recycling is very important to Laura's designs, as is preserving traditional stitch techniques, while making them relevant to today's society.
Interest in Laura's work is growing rapidly, the Victoria and Albert Museum have purchased two of her '21st Century Ruffs' for their collection.
Laura's stand at Origin this year has been funded by The Arts Council after they awarded her a Grant For The Arts.

Biographical Details

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