10th Feb - 4th May 2008
'Something Old Something New'
The 7th Annual Alternative Wedding and Valentine Show

'Wave' - gold rings with diamond by Hidemi Asano.

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About Us

Hidemi Asano

Born in Japan, I moved to England in 1988 where I studied jewellery making in London.
In my work, I combine the primary process of European jewellery techniques with the aesthetic of the Japanese tradition of minimalism.
In my collections, I create sculptural forms using both precious and non precious materials, and using my own recipe of powdered stone and resin that I simulate natural pebbles that are held secure with silver or gold.
In ‘BAMBOO’ and ‘BRANCH’ the metal is formed to echo the growth patterns and strength that is present in nature. ‘SARA SARA’ is a Japanese expression to describe water flowing in a river or how the tip of the calligraphy brush moves. Which also remind me of the rhythm in the ocean as ‘Wave’.
Tactile quality; the softness and strength of forms and feel of the surface are intrinsic to my theme of tranquil movement and the serene moment. The philosophy behind this has driven me to search for serenity within myself. Focusing on these experiences has influenced my design with function and touch which I hope to give calmness and relaxation in the wearer.

Technical note
In order to create a sculptural form, based on my drawings and researches, I use mainly casting techniques using precious, and other materials such as resin, and which might also involve traditional jewellery making techniques such as soldering, riveting and setting stones.

When metal casting, I first sculpt the form for the mould in wax using heat and files, and later cast in silver, gold and platinum. My intention is to express the continuity of organic growth.

Biographical Details

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