10th Feb - 4th May 2008
'Something Old Something New'
The 7th Annual Alternative Wedding and Valentine Show

‘Dot’ cufflinks by Beccy Gillatt in stainless steel and silver.

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About Us

Beccy Gillatt

I am inspired by the hidden beauty that can be found in the functional construction of old machinery and tools. With this in mind, I take stainless steel and combine it with contrasting precious metals such as silver and gold to produce clean and crisp designs. The finished pieces are made using a combination of manual engineering methods and traditional jewellery techniques. This results in unique designs that are hand made, durable and distinctive.

The range currently comprises brooches, cufflinks, tie pins, collar stiffners, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. I produce work from small batch quantities to one off special pieces.

Biographical Details

Artists featured in 'Something Old, Something New' are: Natalie Jane Harris; Alexis Dove; Mirri Damer; Malcolm Morris; Zoe Newsome; Jacks Design; Beccy Gillatt; Angela Fung; Yoriko Mitsuhashi; Sarah Collins; Laura Marsden; Stephanie Moog; Min-Ji Cho; Victoria Kershaw; Hidemi Asano; Mikala Djorup; Tanja Ufer; James Newman; Ruth Tomlinson; Tina Engell; Catherine Mannheim; Sarah Lawrence; Diana Porter.