Celebrating Twenty Years at Salts Mill
A Fantastical Array of International Art Jewellery

14th July - 25th Sept 2016

Nils Hint

Nils Hint

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Nils Hint

2011–2013 Estonian Academy of Arts (blacksmithing, MA)
2006–2010 Estonian Academy of Arts (blacksmithing, BA)
2009 Escola Superior de Artes e Design (Porto, Portugal)

2013 International Sculpture Center http://www.sculpture.org/
2012 Estonian Artists’ Association http://www.eaa.ee/
2010 OTSE! creative group http://www.otse.eu/

2016 Nils Hint, "BEAT", Gallery Four, Gothenburg, Sweden
2015 Nils Hint, "KÜTE/HEAT", Hop Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Nils Hint, Sophie Hanagarth, Rebekah Frank, Gallery RA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013 OTSE!+A5 (Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich), ”Corpus Container III”, Gallery Parallell, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 OTSE!+A5 (Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich), ”Corpus Container II”, Lloyd Hotell, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2012 OTSE!+A5 (Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich), ”Corpus Container I”, Hop Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 OTSE! „Personal Devil“, Gallery AV17, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 OTSE! „Concrete Age“, A-Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2010 OTSE! „Unroom“, Project Space MÄRZ, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 Steinbeisser experimental gastronomy, Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin, Germany http://www.steinbeisser.org/
2014 Steinbeisser experimental gastronomy, Lindenberg, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 Steinbeisser experimental gastronomy, Lloyd Hotell, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2016 "The Cutlery Show", Gallery Valerie Traan in the context of Milano Design Week, Milano, Spain
2016 "Imprint", Gallery easy!upstream, Munich, Germany
2016 "Estonishing" Gallery Thomas Cohn, Munich, Germany
2015 "Tool, jewelery, weapon" 8th Annual Deleuze Studies conference – Daughters of Chaos, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 "Protsess", Nils Hint/Urve Küttner, Tallinna Linnagalerii, Estonia
2015 "Schmuck 2015" 67. Internationalen Handwerksmesse München, Germany
2014 "METALLO phone: personally", Gallery AV17, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 "Ferromenaalne", Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia
2014 "A-∞ Sõnadeta lingvistika", A Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 „TUNGraud“, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 „TUNGraud“, Tartu Kunstimuuseumi Kunstikabinett, Tartu, Estonia
2013 „Words and Works from World a Way“, Project space Spare Room, Melbourne, Australia
2013 „TASE ’13“, The Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 „Revolt“, Legnica International Jewellery Competition, Legnica, Poland
2013 ”Our Time”, Pilestræde 42, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 ”Art Jewellery from the Coolest Nordic master students“, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway
2012 „Back in Black“, Marijke Studio, Padua, Italy
2012 „Ritual“, Shenkar Collage Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 ”Art of Collecting”, The 6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Estonian Applied Art and Design Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 „Dreamscape“, Gallery AV17, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 „UltraMarine“, Noblessner Foundry, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 ”Hart und Zart“, Gallery Biro, München, Germany
2010“Ferri Canes”, Institutum Mauritanum, Tallinn, Estonia

2013 Art st. Urban, residence program by Gertrud and Heinz Aechlimann, Luzern, Switzerland http://www.art-st-urban.com/

2014-Associate Professor in Blacksmithing department, Estonian Academy of Arts http://www.artun.ee/
2012-2014 Blacksmithing teacher in Kopli Vocational school of Tallinn


2014 Grant for creative work from Cultural Endowment of Estonia
2013 Estonian Ministry of Culture, culture-friendly enterpriser gift object, competition winner
2012 SA “Noor Ehe” special prize at The 6th Tallinn International Applied Art Triennial
2012 Bocuse d’or 2013, ceremonial dishes design, competition winner
2010 Contest for the design of the ring of Estonian Academy of Arts (contsest winner with Rainer Kaasik–Aaslav)

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia http://www.etdm.ee/
Art St. Urban art center, St. Urban, Switzerland
Gallery of Art in Legnica, International Collection of Contemporary Jewellery
The Fund of Student Works of the Chair of Jewellery and Blacksmithing of Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
Private collections

2014 Exhibition "Ferromenaalne" design, Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia
2014 Exhibition „TUNGraud“ curating and design, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
2013 Publication „Rauast/On Iron“. assisting the editor Kadri Mälk
2013 Exhibition „TUNGraud“ curating and design together with Rait Siska ja Risto Tali
2011 Exhibition „Eheteoor“ design together with OTSE!
2010 (e)stonians (compiling, layout)

20/20 Featuring work by twenty International Art Jewellers:
Carina Shoshtary, Germany; Sophie Hanagarth, Switzerland/France; Tithi Kutchamuch, Thailand;
Yojae Lee, South Korea; Jing Yang, China; Hee-ang Kim, South Korea; Deborah Rudolph, Germany;
Akiko Kurihara, Japan; Christoph Straube, Germany; Esther Suares Ruiz, Colombia; Ignasi Cavaller, Spain; Julia Baudler, Germany; Niklas Link, Germany; Thanh Truc Nguyen, Germany; Nils Hint, Estonia;
Patricia Domingues
, Portugal; Makiko Mitsunari, Japan; Lucie Houdkova, Czech Republic;
Klara Sipkova
, Czech Republic; Julie Decubber, France.