Celebrating Twenty Years at Salts Mill
A Fantastical Array of International Art Jewellery

14th July - 25th Sept 2016

From ‘What’s left of Krypton’ series - Volcanic Islands
- brooch in graffiti, silver and stainless steel. Photo: Mirei Takeuchi

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Carina Shoshtary

”My work starts with an intuitive experimental play with a found material that attracted my curiosity and usually comes from my immediate surroundings. In this process the material is being thoroughly transformed, the original source cannot be identified anymore even though some major characteristics remain. Everyday images, thoughts and dreams are woven in as well as as my own vision of a parallel nature. My jewellery pieces may appear like artifacts of a past civilization, fossils from another planet or the ornaments of fabled beings.”

Biographical Details

20/20 Featuring work by twenty International Art Jewellers:
Carina Shoshtary, Germany; Sophie Hanagarth, Switzerland/France; Tithi Kutchamuch, Thailand;
Yojae Lee, South Korea; Jing Yang, China; Hee-ang Kim, South Korea; Deborah Rudolph, Germany;
Akiko Kurihara, Japan; Christoph Straube, Germany; Esther Suares Ruiz, Colombia; Ignasi Cavaller, Spain; Julia Baudler, Germany; Niklas Link, Germany; Thanh Truc Nguyen, Germany; Nils Hint, Estonia;
Patricia Domingues
, Portugal; Makiko Mitsunari, Japan; Lucie Houdkova, Czech Republic;
Klara Sipkova
, Czech Republic; Julie Decubber, France.