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23th May - 7th July 2013

Aflame silver bowl

Aflame silver bowl

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Rauni Higson

I create pieces both sculptural and functional; striking enough to stand alone, but intended to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. I am inspired by the natural world, particularly the dramatic mountains and coastline of Snowdonia, where I live and work. I strive to capture something of the beauty of the natural world, without directly imitating it. I enjoy creating pieces that look like they may have grown naturally, or evolved. I am also fascinated by capturing movement and flow in the seemingly unyielding medium of metal.

I work with many techniques, but for some years I have been particularly developing my interpretation of ‘Fold-forming’; folding sheet metal, hammering and forging it, then opening out the piece to reveal the 3-dimensional form. There is a thrilling ‘moment of truth’ in this process, where the distorted mass gives way to the final form, with a little coaxing! I am currently combining ‘Fold-forming’ with ‘Anticlastic Raising’, which gives rise to some weird and wonderful forms. I often leave evidence of the process of making in the finished pieces, so that people can see they are formed by hammers and hands.

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