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23th May - 7th July 2013

Beakers in silver and 24ct gold

Beakers in silver and 24ct gold

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Marion Kane

"My finely handcrafted silverware is produced using the traditional technique of hand raising and fabrication.

My style is simplistic in form with fluidic lines, with occasional flashes of gold to add warmth and contrast. My inspirations stem from everyday patterns I find in the west coast of Scotland where I live and work: from the village landscapes through to the ever changing seashore and the peaks of the Isle of Arran.

The harsh architectural lines alongside the patterns made by nature give me ideas on how to hand embellish my simple silver forms, giving each piece a unique tactile quality. My aim is to encourage the owner to feel and explore the surfaces, and no longer consider silver as too precious to use. I enjoy making a range of different scaled pieces from large commissions to small scale items. My work is widely collected and held in a number of collections."

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