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23th May - 7th July 2013

Evening bag in bronze with silver ‘ribbons’

Evening bag in bronze with silver ‘ribbons’

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Jenifer Wall

I work in both precious and base metals and every one of my pieces has been made individually, drawing on inspiration from the natural world.

Rocks, stones and geological formations have always been a rich source of imagery for me, from smooth, tactile pebbles with lines of quartz, to crumbling cliffs with slipping layers of strata. I am fascinated by both the accumulation of sediment and the erosion of surfaces caused by time and I try to emulate these processes, to recreate a sense of age in the pieces.

More recently, I have returned to the numerous seeds and seedpods that inspired my earlier work and this has brought a change of scale away from the larger platters and containers, to concentrate on jewellery, lockets and small bowls.

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