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23th May - 7th July 2013

Serving dish in fine silver

Serving dish in fine silver

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Jacqueline Scholes

Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, Jacqueline’s work is inspired by the celebration of eating; the relationship between food and tableware, as well as the interaction of the diner are all important aspects. Taking these relationships into consideration her range of small dishes, through to large centre pieces, offers different interpretations and experiences of the bowl.

Jacqueline’s work also takes reference from architecture, particularly focussing on the sections and layers visible in mechanical and structural components. This is expressed in her work by cutting through the forms and manipulating the material. Jacqueline primarily works with silver, occasionally combining materials such as slate or rosewood. This contrast allows the materials to compliment each other, and enhance the silver by reflecting in the polished surface. Using traditional techniques, such as raising, planishing, spinning and fabrication, Jacqueline produces designs for retail,commision and exhibitions.

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