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23th May - 7th July 2013

‘Snowline’ bowl in Britannia silver

‘Snowline’ bowl in Britannia silver

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Adrian Hope

Adrian Hope lives and works in the Scottish Borders. The primary influences on his work are the ancient Mediterranean, classical and early Christian periods in metalwork.... and the process itself.
He manipulates metal with techniques as simple, direct and exacting as those employed by his forbears 2000 years and more before. He develops many of the tools he uses and is always exploring the work with an eye to discover the minds behind those who first took up this beautiful medium. This approach makes for tactile and intriguing objects.
The pieces in the collection are unique and domestic. Bowls plates, vases and boxes, mostly made in Britannia silver and are in some ways narrative. They are designed to be seen and used in groups and clusters, as if they have just been found.

"I like my work to be, for want of a better word, friendly. The reason for using silver at all is because it is a wonderful, forgiving, pliable material that I can manipulate with complete sympathy. I want the owners and users of my work to enjoy it, so it has to be direct, approachable and tactile. Preciousness is a hindrance.
Usefulness a happy bonus."

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