Sun, Sea & Sand @ Salts
A Summer Showcase
Bringing the Beach to Saltaire

9th June – 1st Sept 2019

Brushstroke earrings in hand painted fine silver

Brushstroke earrings in hand painted fine silver

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About Us

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Becca Macdonald

The fluid movement of Becca Macdonald’s hand-painted silver brushstroke brooches and earrings express the motion of crashing waves. In a quest to capture the ephemeral, her unique paint pot pieces are like rock pools of liquid silver.

A background in textiles, ceramics and sculpture influences Becca Macdonald’s jewellery practice. A common theme throughout her work is documenting the ‘evidence of presence’ and human traces.

With an interest in both fluid movement and organic shape, she explores the space where liquid becomes solid and hard meets soft.

Due to the transient nature of her making process, every piece of jewellery is totally unique.  A fleeting gesture and moment of movement is permanently preserved and transformed into a distinctive piece of wearable art.

The six super talented jewellers spending the Summer with us are: Anthony Blakeney; Antonella Giomarelli; Francesca Marcenaro; Justin Duance; Becca Macdonald and Beth Pegler. There will also be a separate seaside/nautically themed display by a wide range of international jewellers that we regularly show at the gallery. So lots to see at the Saltaire Seaside!