Sun, Sea & Sand @ Salts
A Summer Showcase
Bringing the Beach to Saltaire

9th June – 1st Sept 2019

Flora earrings in 18ct yellow gold and silver

Flora earrings in 18ct yellow gold and silver

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About Us

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Antonella Giomarelli

The discovery of shoreline treasures from the beautiful Solway coast make up Antonella Giomarelli’s current collection. Preserving the delicate details of washed up shells and fossils through the process of casting means you can take away a piece of the beach to wear everyday.

Antonella says:

I seek to identify the beauty in the banal and to reinterpret overlooked yet familiar and discarded objects.

A tattered strip of plastic parcel strap, a lonely knot of string, cast in silver and given permanence becoming monuments to their former selves.

The wearing of these ignored and discarded objects as jewellery acknowledges the presence of beauty in the most unremarkable of places and what was once invisible to us can become an object of intrigue.

Combined with fossilised and petrified organic materials, such as jet and bog oak, in precarious and seemingly accidental compositions, these jewellery objects become more like treasures of a lost age, rediscovered relics of the modern world.

In the creation of this romantic narrative I hope to place value in the most ordinary and everyday aspects of life."

The six super talented jewellers spending the Summer with us are: Anthony Blakeney; Antonella Giomarelli; Francesca Marcenaro; Justin Duance; Becca Macdonald and Beth Pegler. There will also be a separate seaside/nautically themed display by a wide range of international jewellers that we regularly show at the gallery. So lots to see at the Saltaire Seaside!