13th Nov - 25th Jan 2015

‘Luxe’ rings in yellow, rose and white golds set with diamonds
‘Luxe’ rings in yellow, rose and white golds set with diamonds
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For Mia Chicco, her obsession with jewellery has been a long-standing one. Beginning as a school girl eagerly selling beads to her classmates in the playground, Mia has since traded plastic and string for precious metals and gem stones, creating handmade treasures that exemplify unique, individual, luxury.

It was while completing a degree in Art Theory at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney, that Mia was re-introduced to the art of jewellery-making, and has now dedicated herself to this passion for fine treasures ever since.

With her Italian heritage and love of the country itself, it felt only natural for Mia to venture to Florence shortly after finishing university and completely immerse herself in the inspiring, rich aesthetics of the city. It was here that she completed intensive jewellery making and specialist courses, sharpening her techniques and further fuelling Mia’s passion for “crafting an ordinary piece of metal into a beautiful work of art”. She then went on to spend five years working with one of Sydney’s award-winning master jewelers, creating bespoke wedding and engagement rings and everything in between.

All of these experiences have culminated in what Mia Chicco jewellery is today. Often drawing upon Modernist art movements as an inspiration, Mia’s pieces evolve as a process of experimentation and discovery, exploring texture, form and arrangement, resulting in one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Mia states, “when the end result is a beautiful creation that I have made with my own hands…it is the most satisfying accomplishment.”

Having recently re-located to London to broaden her horizons, every item within Mia’s collection is designed and hand crafted in her Hatton Garden studio. Special attention is paid to the detail and construction of each and every piece, ensuring that they are exceptional, unique and made to be treasured forever.

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Lindsay Hill, Glasgow School of Art; Georgia Rose West, Colchester School of Art and Design, University of Essex;
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