Swedes at Salts in September
Swedish Art Jewellery

17th Sept – 8th Nov 2015

‘Moving Matter’ neckpiece with mussels, titanium and cotton, modelled

‘Moving Matter’ neckpiece with mussels, titanium and cotton
Photo by Martha Thisner

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Mia Larsson

Moving matter

Jewelry is an adornment, artform that is relational. Connected to the body it relates us in love, friendship,to places and with former generations. It also could connect, communicate our political and spirititual beliefs.

With the talisman or amulet, jewelry also holds a symbolic protection where we often use material taken from nature, relating us to its powers, connecting us to material.
Incresing awareness and concern about sustainability I realized these strong powers of jewelry.

"Moving matter" indicates how our material choice in jewelry together with the relational qualities could work as a symbolic agent.
Working in different ways with organic, recycled material as
seashells, sand, connected to recycled silver is my artist statement.

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