Swedes at Salts in September
Swedish Art Jewellery

17th Sept – 8th Nov 2015

‘Greenery’ necklace in enamelled copper and steel

‘Greenery’ necklace in enamelled copper and steel

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Jenny Klemming

Human interference or possible domination of nature is a recurring theme in my work. Time passes and our patterns need to be maintained. This tension seems to be a never ending story. Our borders divide the landscape through roads and fences. We dominate and shape nature with gardens, industries and agriculture. The relationship between the two can be viewed either from a perspective of conflict or symbiosis. The persistent gardener shapes a defined area. Behind the fences and in the squares fantastic diversity is upheld. Like the ancient Japanese art of Bonsai trimming, the seemingly wild and artificially natural are achieved through constant and meticulous maintenance.

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