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17th Sept – 8th Nov 2015

Necklace in perch skin, silver and thread

Necklace in perch skin, silver and thread

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Catarina Hällzon

Sören Kierkegaard once wrote: Life must be understood backwards, but … it must be lived forward.

As Kierkegaard looked upon life I look upon my work and my process. I work in an open process, ever-changing and always under construction. New experiences are generating new expressions. I believe in possibilities that occur when taking care of opportunities.  Thoughts, sometimes years old, are mixed with materials of today.

Nature plays an important roll in the work I do. It is a bank of material I tend to get back to.  I love to go fishing, I hunt for elk  and I hike forests. Living in a society that urbanize faster and faster it has become important to me to keep the nature, the material I get from it and the skills I need to master those materials close. I eat the fish I catch, never taking more than I can eat. Then I tan the skin in a most basic way and turn it into a piece of jewellery. Preserving a trophy and a memory, a memory of my journey but also a memory of how we not so long ago had to do everything ourselves when we needed anything...

I work with a kind of preserving. Leftover materials turn into stories in the shape of jewellery. I constantly collect as life goes on, cataloguing my findings in my own way.  I pray on techniques that comes with my findings and I want to catch the esssence of them. I try to keep fragments of old knowing and translate it into my language.
I make some sorf of trophies. My experiences transforms through my process and what’s left is a  trophy, a frozen moment. Jewellery that time will change beyond my control. They will change and start to tell things I can never predict. In the end it is never about my stories, it is about the thoughts and feelings my work is arousing in the communication with its surroundings.

The constant in all my work is the investigation. Contexts will change and displacements of value come into force when materials are changing both in character and nature.

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