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17th Sept – 8th Nov 2015

‘Everyday Matter – Artist’s fork’ brooch with fork and bristles

‘Everyday Matter – Artist’s fork’ brooch with fork and bristles

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Elin Flognman

Everyday Matter

Everyday objects in new surroundings. A gravel path glistening in the moonlight. The element of surprise in the familiar object, the surreal ingredient of everyday life. Potatoes made of gold.

A potato found on the pavement of a city street wisper stories of the first potato ever to travel into space and back. It speaks of dark and secret societies of the underground as well as the glamour of the colorful days of sun and flowers. No potato is alone. So many similarities to us humans. Constantly surrounded by, relating to others. Like us, no potato is an island. Potatoes are survivors. Put one in a dark space and it will reach out its long, pale arms towards the light, to fight for life. Even so, it bruises easily. Potatoes are people too.

I have found everyday related items on the ground during city walks. These items are often food related. I use them as a starting point for making jewellery. Since I have found a lot of potatoes, some pieces are commenting the potato and the relationship we have to it as humans, some are commenting the fact that we live in a world where in some parts you can’t get food for the day and in some parts you find food lying on the ground. Food is politics.

I am a maker, living and working in Sweden. Most precious to me is my husband and my three children. My work is often related to the choices we make as humans and how it affects the small and the big picture. I have a manifesto on material use, where I declare my materials to be the ones surrounding me. I try not to buy any materials but to have them given to me, harve­sted by me, found or stolen. For inspiration I walk.

Our desire to escape everyday life fascinates me. By listening to the objects of the everyday I want to make everyday matter

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