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17th Sept – 8th Nov 2015

‘Catching Big Fish’ red bracelet in recycled plastic and thread

‘Catching Big Fish’ red bracelet in recycled plastic and thread

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Karin Roy Andersson

I’m a long distance runner. The urge to repeat movements over and over again, methodically and resolutely is something that is significant for both my personality and work. Running kilometre after kilometre or pushing a needle up and down for hours - multiplicity and recurrence attract me. In a large scale the variations in the details are important. I create structures and rhythms using small elements to build dynamic patterns. My aim is that the result in a small scale should express harmony and balance.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been attracted to fish. There’s something magnetic with the undiscovered world of the oceans; frightening, exciting and with a beauty that comes with the tension between these feelings.

I love fish; their shape, fens and the pattern of the scales. I’m intrigued by how they move, their bodies, faces and their, in our eyes, exceptional behaviour. In a society where the view on what is normal is still quite conservative, the way some fish species change sex, size and identity gives a new perspective.

A few years ago I started working with scales making chains of thin silver flakes. Now some of the scales have grown larger and I’ve added elements of recycled plastics. To me the pieces looks like traces from an intense struggle catching a big fish. When adding the plastic I sadly realized that jumping into the ocean you might be more likely to end up with plastics on your body than scales from a fish.

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