Swedes at Salts in September
Swedish Art Jewellery

17th Sept – 8th Nov 2015

'The doubt in her mourning necklaces' (left) and 'B.C hello Marc' brooches in silver, embossed and hand painted with enamel

'The doubt in her mourning necklaces' (left) and 'B.C hello Marc' brooches in silver, embossed and hand painted with enamel

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Charlotte Alfort

The sound of embossing is a way for me to not get disturbed by my own mind; the hammer takes my head to a place somewhere else. I trust my hands to do the work.
Some of them are more apparent and others take longer to recognize. These are those who merge with the wallpaper. If you stand absolutely still you won’t get noticed.

I mix enamel powder with oil and I paint, sometimes I use a needle. I paint patterns, eyes, headdresses in the colors of the day or from a meeting. I paint what is not visible, what lies outside the frame. I paint what I don’t tell.

I can see in my brooches how I organize geometrical patterns to get a silent head. Jewellery art takes care of me.

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