15th July - 31st August 2004
'Material Girl'
A Celebration of
Jewellers working with textiles

Leeds Guide, July 2004 preview of Material Girl

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JULY 2004

Material Girl @ Kath Libbert Jewellery
Becky Taylor finds a new best friend in fabric accessories

Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Not any more, as Material Girl challenges jewellery lovers to break the mould and adopt a new best friend: textiles... as jewellery.
We've all plunged ourselves into this season's hot vibrant colours and just about got to grips with what can be classed as vintage and what really looks like it's from Oxfam. But now there's one extra ball to juggle as accessories hit the catwalk with so much force you may have to rethink the size of your jewellery box. Material Girl is a celebration of the talents of some of the best jewellery designers across Europe and the UK. Made purely from textiles, the work brings together art, jewellery and fashion, forming a brand new concept of wearable art.
The work on show will appeal to all tastes: from the more down-to-earth and quirky felt designs of Swiss Karin Wagner's flower-inspired jewellery, to Beppe Kessler's intricate balsa wood based necklaces and brooches studded with Swarovski crystals and glass beads from Amsterdam.
Each designer brings their own sense of style and direction in the pieces produced, drawing upon memories and life stories. London-based Julie Arkell works with used scraps of fabric, wool and paper; she believes pieces which have experienced wear and tear hold more meaning than new materials. Like a treasure trove hidden in the deepest depths of your grandmother's wardrobe, Arkell's pieces jumble together old buttons and past-their-best fastenings. 'Dear friend' brooches and 'tic-toc' wristwatch bracelets have hidden words in their complex design.
For girls who like pearls, German design duo Tomasi bring their own award-winning collections to Saltaire. The delicate designs of wire mesh brooches and rings are dazzling, and would perfectly complement any hat and gown outfit at Ascot.
If quirky is your middle name but you aim for a little luxury rather than the abundance of bangles and badges from the high street, the designs by Lynsey Walters from Edinburgh will keep you from ever taking a stroll down Briggate again. Combining merino wool, silk tulle, linen and silk organza, this is a cocktail that will leave you feeling more uplifted than a good cosmopolitan. Using hand embroidery, the collection of bags and brooches make you want to reach out and stroke them.

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