20th July - 2nd October 2005
'Follow Me'
An exhibition following the progression and influences
in the work of leading jewellers and metal smiths.

Leeds Guide, July 2005 review of 'Follow Me'

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July 2005

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An exhibition of jewellery and metalsmithing that takes a crafty look behind the scenes

A collection of work of seven jewellers and metalsmiths whose pieces have been featured at Kath Libbert jewellery Gallery since they graduated, Follow Me offers the chance for visitors to look beyond the work and see what processes are involved in its construction.
Much of the artists' work is on show, from metallic spectacle cases to wire birds, but it is the documentary presentation of their journey from conception to the final piece that offers the most insight into each individual's journey. Featuring stills of the artists at rest and in the studio, they talk through their designs, as well as their methods of working, personal lives, background and experience.
Yoko Izawa creates 'veiled' jewellery which she feels relates back to the japanese culture in which she was raised, whilst Cathy Miles' birds made from iron binding wire and found materials are often vehicles for her own moods, as she wants people to see her 'view of the world'. Dot Sim sees her jewellery as reflective of the Scottish countryside in which she lives, taking inspiration from her daily observations, whilst Annabet Wyndham takes her fascination with kitchen objects and manifests it in the creation of a collection of small table utensils. Lynne Kirstin Murray's colourful jewellery (pictured) contrasts delightfully with Jenifer Wall's sleek platters and spectacle cases, and Fiona Cameron completes the exhibition with her collection of jewellery and vessels constructed from base and precious metals, drawing on the Scottish landscapes of her childhood.
Follow Me is at first a fascinating exhibition of the many creative possibilities of metal and jewellery, all differently approached but with equal measures of skill and dedication. Delving into the makers' psyches adds a very welcome dimension though, as it's often a perspective that is difficult to see and even harder to guess at. Until 2 October, Kath Libbert Jewellery, Salts Mill, Saltaire

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