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Antiques Trade Gazette, Aug 15th 2009
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August 15th, 2009

Bling with a difference thanks to recycling
MOST visitors to Kath Libbert's annual selling exhibition at the Jewellery Gallery at Salts Mill, Saltaire, near Bradford, think that this sexy, intensely black necklace is made of jet. However, it is actually fashioned from a bike's inner tube, which Geneva-based jewellery designer Noemie Doge sources from a local bike shop there.
She then folds, cuts and stitches the shapes and sets them into silver structures, like this necklace - recycling in every sense of the word. Called Little Queen, the necklace costs £1029.
Another standout piece at the Choice -A Personal Selection exhibition, which lasts until September 27, takes its inspiration from a well-known spice. Sam Tho Duong is an award-winning jeweller who grew up in Germany and made a brooch from electroforming a piece of root ginger in silver, before oxidising it and studding the inside with coral beads.
Sam's Ginger collection started as an exploration of his family heritage through the use of ginger in Eastern medicine and for its culinary properties. It is on sale for £459
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