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Ring in silver and 22ct gold set with garnet and quartz

Ring in silver and 22ct gold set with garnet and quartz

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Tanja Ufer

From delicate and smooth to heavy and rough each of Tanja’s ranges differs very much from the next. The 'organic' series has been described as mini sculptures by The Crafts Council, and her latest range 'dream structures' derives inspiration from architectural forms and an interpretation of three dimensional drawing in space.
In the ‘Satellite’ collection beautiful cabochon gemstones are placed on the rim of a smooth rounded ring. The white silver is combined with the rich colour of the fine gold on the edges. Whilst with her ‘Lovers’ rings, Tanja has gone for a more traditional look but often with a twist, for instance in her use of rough diamonds.

There is an ambiguity of function in all her pieces. They are unique, mysterious, as if with some purpose unknown to the wearer. They catch the eye of those that glimpse them, and like so many forms and curiosities of nature, are a pleasure to see and touch.

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