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Tiara in silver with crystals

Tiara in silver with crystals





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Sarah Lawrence

Every tiara is handcrafted in sterling silver and can be plated in 22ct yellow gold depending on the preference for your wedding. Each tiara base is contoured to fit comfortably on the bride's head, with small grooves filed in to guide any curbygrips into position to give total security when in place.

The number of grooves can be specified to suit your hair type and style, and hold the tiara around your veil if you are wearing one. Comfort is an important priority so that you can relax and enjoy yourself, on your big day.

The height and detail of any tiara can also be adjusted at your request. Touches of sparkle and colour are added to the work through the inclusion of Swarovski crystals and hand painted enamels, these can be coordinated to compliment the colour schemes of your wedding. A Sarah Lawrence tiara will be made exclusively for you.

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