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Mikala Djorup_Branch ring in 18ct yellow gold with diamonds

Branch ring in 18ct yellow gold with diamonds

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Mikala Djorup

I did a traditional 4-year apprenticeship as a jeweller in Copenhagen, learning all the techniques and tricks of the trade. This background gives me a solid starting point to work and experiment from.

I am fascinated by repetition and movement. Many hundred elements that look the same, but examined closer all are individual and different. The making of the elements by hand ensures this diversity. The repetition creates surfaces full of life, they change and move with their wearer, and in some cases surprises and creates the joy of the unexpected.

I work mainly with gold and silver..
I experiment with other materials, but seem to return to the metals. I make the silver matt, white or scratched, almost as if it is not finished and still have the roughness of work in progress. When worn these surfaces will change and become shiny and darker, and the wearer will have put hers or his mark on the piece.

Colour comes from small stones. I want the stones to be little comments to the forms and not take over the metal.

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