Alternative Wedding Show 2016 PERFECT PARTNERS
24th April - 12th June

Platinum ring with a diamond partnered by platinum ring pavé set with diamonds

Platinum ring with a diamond partnered by platinum ring pavé set with diamonds

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About Us

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We are David and Barry McCaul, Irish brothers and award-winning goldsmiths based in London’s Exmouth Market. Our signature design style is fluid and elegant, with graceful forms designed to celebrate sumptuously coloured gemstones. Our combination of traditional and modern goldsmithing skills enables us to create the exquisitely crafted bespoke fine jewellery that McCaul Goldsmiths is known for. Every piece of jewellery is designed, made and set in-house, from start to finish and we are solely involved in each piece from concept to creation.

As classically trained goldsmiths, our style and forms are heavily influenced by technique and the properties of the metals we work with. We aim to create elegant jewellery that accentuates the curves and contours of the body. Rings gently meander around the fingers and earrings sweep and caress the contours of the jaw line. Precious metals are hand-forged into sweeping tapered loops; a curve highlighted with lines of tiny diamonds; colourful gemstones inspire one-off creations. Our search for exceptional gemstones regularly takes us to fairs abroad where we source our most remarkable stones.

Biographical Details

PERFECT PARTNERS brings together the work of six internationally renowned goldsmiths: Shimell and Madden;
McCaul Goldsmiths; Josef Koppmann; Diana Porter; Jo Hayes Ward; Amanda Mansell.
Also presenting new precious collections by: Alexis Dove; Graeme McColm; Poppy Dandiya; Mirri Damer; Malcolm Morris; Mark Nuell; Adele Taylor; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Joanne Tinker.