Alternative Wedding Show 2016 PERFECT PARTNERS
24th April - 12th June

‘Hex’ ring in 18ct white gold set with a brown diamond

‘Hex’ ring in 18ct white gold set with a brown diamond

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London Based Designer Jo Hayes Ward launched her fine jewellery brand in 2006 on graduating from her Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery at London's prestigious Royal College of Art. The brand has continued to grow and Jo's work is now internationally available at exclusive concept stores, jewellery galleries and boutiques.

Constructing jewellery from small building block elements, Jo Hayes Ward creates elegant pieces with both an architectural and organic aesthetic. Distinctive characteristics of her award winning designs are pieces, which dramatically catch the light with movement and intricate structures that hint at geometric, mathematical and biological references. Further work examines complex textured and patterned surfaces, reflecting light in multiple directions giving an exquisite tonal quality to the work.

Her timeless yet modern collections include gold orbs that on close inspection dissolve into a filigree of shimmering cubes, stacking rings in a spectrum of different coloured precious metals set with diamonds, and a bespoke collection embracing the setting of custom cut stones.

Crafting her designs in a digital environment Jo employs rapid prototyping technology alongside traditional jewellery techniques in the production of her work. An important aspect of her designs and research is to harness machine marks and exploit them as an aesthetic. This, alongside a tacit knowledge of materials and long-established jewellery skills has enabled Jo to develop her unique signature as a maker of timeless, modern pieces, which come alive when worn.

Biographical Details

PERFECT PARTNERS brings together the work of six internationally renowned goldsmiths: Shimell and Madden;
McCaul Goldsmiths; Josef Koppmann; Diana Porter; Jo Hayes Ward; Amanda Mansell.
Also presenting new precious collections by: Alexis Dove; Graeme McColm; Poppy Dandiya; Mirri Damer; Malcolm Morris; Mark Nuell; Adele Taylor; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Joanne Tinker.