Alternative Wedding Show 2016 PERFECT PARTNERS
24th April - 12th June

Rings in 18ct yellow gold set with brown diamonds

Rings in 18ct yellow gold set with brown diamonds

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About Us

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 “My jewellery is a synthesis of my life experience. At college I was inspired by ancient images of powerful women. So my work is about women and assertiveness (Sibyls), it is about wisdom ('Wisdom of Life' triple ring set), it is about togetherness whilst being separate ('The Feeling of We' pair of rings). It's about change (moving rings etched "This will change"). It's about the spirit in all of us (the gold bead etched 'the spirit'). It's about the design suiting the form; about words being ambiguous; about challenging conventional ideas both in jewellery design and in the way we organise our lives. It's about tiny precious moments (little diamonds). When you wear one of my rings etched with 'on and on..' is it about 'eternity' or 'interminability'? It's about not knowing and knowing....(heavy stuff! - maybe it's about humour?). We sung this song in the 70s:
You can't kill the spirit 
She is like a mountain 
Old and Strong 
She goes on and on and on.”

For Perfect Partners we are delighted to introduce Diana Porter’s new Strata Collection of stacking rings which emulates the way life and relationships change over time. Diana’s surrounding environment provides inspiration to the technique behind this collection, as she mirrors the subtle eroding effects of the Cornish landscape. By experimenting with deep acid etching on metal, Diana has produced a gently layered, visually intriguing and contemporary texture.

Biographical Details

PERFECT PARTNERS brings together the work of six internationally renowned goldsmiths: Shimell and Madden;
McCaul Goldsmiths; Josef Koppmann; Diana Porter; Jo Hayes Ward; Amanda Mansell.
Also presenting new precious collections by: Alexis Dove; Graeme McColm; Poppy Dandiya; Mirri Damer; Malcolm Morris; Mark Nuell; Adele Taylor; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Joanne Tinker.