Alternative Wedding Show 2016 PERFECT PARTNERS
24th April - 12th June

Three interlocking ‘Concentric’ rings all in 18ct yellow and rose gold

Three interlocking ‘Concentric’ rings all in 18ct yellow and rose gold

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My intrigue in hands and the stories they tell has led me to focus largely on designing rings.  The sensual touch of the hand, the creations made by them and the energy that hands give rings though the wearing of them have influenced the interactive nature of my designs.

My jewellery tends to contain layers of interest that engage the audience.  They refer to emotional connections between people and jewellery, and they transform or grow with the wearer over time at significant chapters and milestones in their life.

The circle is one of the most archetypal forms, so frequently found in art, architecture, and of course in jewellery.  A curiosity in the *Ensō and what the core elements of this circular form signifies has influenced recent work, most notably the Concentric Circles series. These interconnecting rings grow over time; each ring gradually closing the circle until it is complete.  This encapsulates ideas surrounding the Engagement, Wedding and Eternity ring as a couple take this journey together. 

The sense of movement around the circle is enhanced further by the colour graded diamonds set around the sides of Concentric Circles #2. As the colour moves from deep orange to pale yellow, there is a clear beginning and end where the ring finally joins.
*Ensō: Beginning and end of all things; Infinity; Enlightenment; Togetherness; Open; Closed; Wholeness; Completion

We are delighted that Amanda has just won GOLD at the prestigious 2016 Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards  in the Precious Jewellery section for her Concentric Circles ring. Held at the prestigious Goldsmiths' Hall and described as the Jewellery Oscars, these awards celebrate and promote excellence in craftsmanship and design. She was also one of 4 contenders for the National Association of Jewellers Special Award.

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PERFECT PARTNERS brings together the work of six internationally renowned goldsmiths: Shimell and Madden;
McCaul Goldsmiths; Josef Koppmann; Diana Porter; Jo Hayes Ward; Amanda Mansell.
Also presenting new precious collections by: Alexis Dove; Graeme McColm; Poppy Dandiya; Mirri Damer; Malcolm Morris; Mark Nuell; Adele Taylor; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Joanne Tinker.