17th July – 28th Sept 2008

Antique meets Contemporary

‘Found Objects’ – medal by Susanne Osborn in silver, copper, nickel silver and stainless steel
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About Us

Susanne Osborn

I’ve recently completed my MFA at the University of Washington. During my studies I continued to delve into topics that contained historical, political and personal issues around memory and identity. I like to create objects that often have a deeper secondary meaning which might not be noted on first glance. Found Objects was made in 2003 as my response to the direction America took after 9/11. It was designed to challenge how Americans viewed themselves in a time of intense propaganda, fear and blind patriotism. At the time it was highly controversial, but its relevance has stood the test of time.

Artists taking part in Power & Politics are: Ruudt Peters; Laura Deakin; Inger Larsen; Silke Spitzer;
Anti-War Medals
by Susanne Matsche; Emily Bullock; Susanne Osborn.
Power & Politics Antique pieces. Other themes: Memento Mori; Sentiment & Sex; The Lighter Side.