17th July – 28th Sept 2008

Antique meets Contemporary

Silke Spitzer
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Silke Spitzer

Trained as a jeweler in the western part of germany.
Always drawn and inspired by colour, beautiful shapes and literature, Silke decided to depen her techniqal studies at the University of Applied Arts and Design in Pforzheim, being involved in the Jewelry Departement, but also spending a lot of her time on the drawings and painting floor, working on big sized paintings and freeminded drawings.
After a successful and most interesting internship with a silversmith in Antwerp, Belgium where Silke got to practice making silver bowls, she got the chance of a six months DAAD schoolarship to Rhode Island School of Design, USA, where she enjoyed beeing able to get to know a different culture and got lucky to make wonderful friend and business relation-ships.
Coming back to Germany, in February 2001, Silke finished her studies within a year with a masters degree in Jewelry Design in January 2002.
After a two years stretch of a part time job and a small studio in the South of Germany close to her hometown and a wonderful 3 months artist-in -resindence stay at Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson, NY, USA, things eventually fell into place and Silke moved to Berlin, Germany, 2004.
"Berlin is giving me a perfect base for my body and mind to feel settled bu also there is enough changes to feel 'new' every now and then.
A great place to live and work!"

Born 1973 in Germany
3 year technical education as a jeweler
University of Design and Applied Arts, FHG Pforzheim
DAAD Scholarship for Rhode Island School of Design, USA
graduated as a jewelry designer (MFA) in Germany
teaching assistant in Haystack, Mountain School of Crafts, Maine, USA
artist in residence, ornamentum gallery, Hudson, NY, USA
since may 2002 independent artist jewelry and painting
moved to Berlin September 2004

Shows (selection)
2008 soloshow Ornamentum Gallery Hudson, fall 2008
2008 group show Kath Libberts , July 2008
2008 past the beginning. 29.2- 2.3 , Munich, special show during IHM Munich
2008 G.L.D.A. Gem Show, Tucson Arizona, Feb 4.- 10. 2008
2007 Sofa Chicago, through Ornamentum
2007 Soloshow Schmuck Fritz, Berlin
2007 Sofa NYC through Ornamentum
2007 Gruppenausstellung Galerie Moha , Wien
2007 neue Malerei der Preiströgerinnen Uigendorf,Galerie D. Schrade
2006 Sofa Chicago / Ornamentum Gallery
2006 Soloshow jewelry and painting
Galerie D. Schrade, Förderpreis Efi, Uigendorf-Dippoldshofen
2006 Sofa NYC, USA, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY
2005 3. Zeughausmesse Berlin
2005 Sofa Chicago, through Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson NY
2005 Ausstellung zum Landespreis Berlin
2005 Soloshow Gertraud Lercher, Italien-jewelry
2005 2. Zeughausmesse Berlin
2005 Inhorgenta, internationale Schmuckmesse, München
2004 velvet da vinci, 200 rings, San Francisco, USA
2004 Designcenter Stuttgart, "sieben designerinnen"
2004 Soloshow, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA
2004 Silbertrienale Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
2004 Inhorgenta, internationale Schmuckmesse, München
2004 Sofa NYC, U.S.A./ Sienna Gallery
2003 Sofa NYC, U.S.A/ Sienna Gallery
2003 Osterausstellung Galerie Dorothea Schrade
2002 Nachwuchsförderwettbewerb, Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
2002 Talente, internationale Handwerksmesse Münchens

Artists taking part in Power & Politics are: Ruudt Peters; Laura Deakin; Inger Larsen; Silke Spitzer;
Anti-War Medals
by Susanne Matsche; Emily Bullock; Susanne Osborn.
Power & Politics Antique pieces. Other themes: Memento Mori; Sentiment & Sex; The Lighter Side.