17th July – 28th Sept 2008

Antique meets Contemporary

‘Pearls’ – necklace in silver and silk
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About Us

Constanze Schreiber

Constanze Schreiber has created a collection of mourning jewellery for our times. Jewellery that can be a support when you loose someone, a relationship breaks up or you take leave of a special place. Objects that give support when experiencing a conflict of feelings: while sad and grieving, you may be feeling angry, furious and relieved at the same time....
Constanze combines ancient symbols like a scull, tears, a bow or wilted flower, with a heart or medallion form, which refer to love, death and remembrance. The pendants from ceramic and cast iron have both weight and a specific texture; are visual and have physical presence; are tactile and contemplative. As a sequel to the use of steel in historic mourning jewellery, crosses are made from old horseshoe nails.
With Abschiedsfest ( Farewell Party) a period of sadness comes to a close and a new, hopeful beginning is made.

Paul Derrez, 2006

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in Memento Mori are: Melanie Bilenker; Constanze Schreiber; Claudia Stebler.
Memento Mori Antique pieces
Other themes: Sentiment & Sex; Power & Politics; The Lighter Side.