17th July – 28th Sept 2008

Antique meets Contemporary

‘Bury Your X’ – brooch in ceramic and pearls
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About Us

Claudia Stebler

"It's, of course, all about love ...“
(Fiona Raby, London)
"She has the incredible talent to give life a surrealistic immediacy and she has a deep intuition for things and people.“
(Catherine Perret, Paris)
"A communication designer on a permanent mission.“
(Jean-Baptiste Joly, Stuttgart)

This series of work playfully reminds us that we all have an expiration date. We can imagine the click-clack of our skeleton, we have death on our neck... and sadly but true, love can expire, too.
To be able to stop mourning about a past love, we need rituals.
The "Bury your X“ brooch is a little helper. The pale bones of a faded love are held together by a chain of pretty pearls (tears). On the pinsystem at the back, you can carve the number of lovers you want to chase out of your memory.
Sometimes we deserve a treat.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in Memento Mori are: Melanie Bilenker; Constanze Schreiber; Claudia Stebler.
Memento Mori Antique pieces
Other themes: Sentiment & Sex; Power & Politics; The Lighter Side.